Thought about buying our Premium Dog Happy box? Well this little lot is on it’s way to a new home to make one dog very, very happy! And for a little extra goodness 5% from every sale is donated to Spaniel Aid UK by us at Barks & Bunnies. Our Premium Dog box contains either at least one premium brand item or a mix of everyday items with more variety than our standard Classic box. The pink flamingo called Lola is a premium toy in this box by Fluff & Tuff. Superior to many other brands of toy the Fluff & Tuff range is more durable than standard dog toys. We also included a wet wubba because it’s the perfect time of year for using a floating toy designed for water (and snow so an all year toy). And what box would be complete without some dog treats? But these are no ordinary treats and we can’t wait to find out how excited the dog is who gets this box! Find out more at #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #pets #subscriptionbox #dogtoy #dogtreats #fluffandtuff #spaniel #spaniellove #lovethemhappy

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