**CHARITY DONATION VOTE** Nominate your favourite charity now to receive a massive THREE months of donations from sales of Barks & Bunnies Happy subscription boxes for dogs & rabbits. For every box sold we donate 5% to a well deserving charity/good cause and due to a change in personal circumstances are now offering a bumper 3 months donation which means even more money for the selected charity! Buy your own box here >> http://ift.tt/2apMLSl RULES Nominate your favourite charity Winning charity receives donations from sales over July, August & September Can be any animal charity not limited to dogs/rabbits Nominations Close TBC Barks & Bunnies select the final winning charity (not based on numbers of nominations) Promoted on twitter, Facebook and instagram. We are a small family run company, to find out more about our donations please click the following link and if you have any questions please just ask >> http://ift.tt/2aqPajd #dogs #rabbits #lovethemhappy #charity #charities #donation

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2apN4wv

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