COMPETITION time!! We has had a new big box delivered so as a special #whatsinthebox all you have to do is guess what’s inside! You can guess by leaving a comment on Instagram, Facebook or tweeting me and when someone gets it right the competition will close with that person selected as the winner. Open to the UK only and when I pick a winner I get to choose and sniff one thing out of the box to send you. You must guess not only what it is but also the brand (yes its all one brand in here and the same type of product). You can have two guesses! I’ll give you a clue too – it’s for dogs, you can’t wear it and you can’t play with it plus its a brand we don’t currently stock! Any questions just ask me and see our website for full terms later today. Good luck everyone Albie 🐕 #dogs #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #dogstagram #internationaldogday #woofwoofwednesday #goldenretrievers_ofinstagram #goldenretrievers #goldies #goldiesofinstagram #lovethemhappy

from Instagram:

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