Paddling Pool

Outdoor Games for Dogs

So it’s now the middle of June (June?!) and the weather is behaving itself, rather surprisingly!  We’ve had plenty of sunny weather, which has been great for playing all our favourite games and going on some nice walks.  But, as twitter and facebook are forever reminding me, dogs can get too hot in the warm weather sometimes, and will need ways to cool down.  I’ve always found this quite a strange subject, for as much as our two pups are quite good at knowing their limits (ie, they will stop running around if they need to, and aren’t prone to overexerting themselves), they never know when they’ve had too much sun.  Molly in particular will stay outside for ages, lying panting in the rays, even though we point out the shady parts and even put a bowl of water down next to her.  I thought the trick might be to…

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