Zogoflex – An Indestructible Dog Toy

At Barks & Bunnies we consistently encourage dogs and bunnies to tell us what they want or need to enjoy happier lives. Well it seems that for all the dogs who like to chew there is a lot of sadness because they either get told off for chewing the wrong things (a training topic in itself) or they get given a new toy which is destroyed in minutes! So we needed to find a tough, indestructible, dog toy… Enter Zogoflex!

Zogoflex toys are 100% guaranteed for your dog. If they destroy them you will receive a free one-time replacement or refund. Yes they really are that confident that these dog toys are tough!

Zogoflex by West Paw Design is an amazingly tough material used to make durable dog chew and play toys. Buoyant, pliable and designed to be recycled Zogoflex creates virtually no waste during the manufacturing process. It is non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate-Free and FDA compliant (meaning if your dog does manage to tear a bit off they will be safe).

Similar to Planet Dog toys Zogoflex should also be chosen with your dogs size, jaw strength and enjoyment in mind. It would obviously be inappropriate to buy a mini size ball for a  boxer dog as not only would that create a potential choking hazard but they are also likely to destroy it in seconds. Always think – Right Toy, Right Dog.

Zogoflex toys come in two categories; Play and Chew.The chew toys really are for chewing and fun games too but the play toys are for just that, playing. Toys in the Zogoflex play category although made from the same durable material are constructed differently and will be less resilient to chewers.

The Hurley, Tux and Jive are all in the chew category and while they are all toys in their own right with normal ‘playtime’ features they are also designed for destructo-dogs that chew!

The remaining toys from Zogoflex although made from the same materials are constructed in a different way and therefore fall into the play category.

With Zogoflex we believe we have another fantastic brand for you, recyclable, dishwasher safe, non-toxic and best of all? Will bring happiness to the dogs out there who are left with very little to chew and play with.

For more details on each Zogoflex product please click here.

What will your dog choose, play or chew?


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