Planet Dog Toys

How many times have you read that a dog toy is tough or indestructible only to get it home and find that Fido has torn it apart in minutes?

We did a lot of research to find dog toys that really are tough because something we never want to do is suggest a product will solve a problem just to make a quick bit of cash. Then we found Planet Dog and our worries were over!

We have a great range of their toys available to buy and they really are an indestructible dog toy so come and take a look to find your dog a treat.


Planet Dog Orbee Tuff dog toys are 100% guaranteed indestructible and tough or your money back! They are designed for dogs who like to chew toys. The key to buying the most appropriate Orbee-Tuff toys for your dog is understanding 3 things; the mechanics of a dog’s jaw, the physics of size & shape and finally your dogs chewing habits. Anything becomes more susceptible when it is able to reach the back of a dog’s jaw. That is where they do all their hard-core chewing. But give a dog the appropriately-sized, round, hollow ball made of super-durable Orbee-Tuff and they can chew for hours because they cannot get it to the back of their jaws. If you have a very aggressive chewer stick with the perfectly round shaped toys!

Planet Dog have their own Chew-O-Meter to guide you to the correct product for your dog depending on how aggressive a chewer they are. They not only product a fantastic product for your dog but care for you all the way through your product choices and then during use as well. Made with non-toxic materials and the toys themselves are recyclable Planet Dog are environmentally aware and that is something we too hold close to heart, check out our Forage Box to see why we think even the packaging should be used by your dogs and rabbits!

These toys are so popular that when we placed our order we found most of it put on backorder while stock across the UK is replenished!

Barks & Bunnies will only ever sell products we believe are of a quality we would expect ourselves, are inline with our own ethics surrounding force free dog training and we always consider the manufacturers social responsibilities as well. Planet Dog fit all of these requirements stating on their website

“Since incorporating in 1997, we have been known as the industry’s leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.

The fire in our belly is to concept, innovate and develop premium products “made for dogs, by dog lovers” all while being fully dedicated to satisfying both you and your best friend’s needs.

Our mission is to amuse, explore, support, innovate, create, educate, celebrate and philanthropate… all in the name of the dog. We “romp the romp” by providing financial resources to those in need, educating consumers about canine-related issues, creating an array of non-toxic and recyclable products, and keeping the tails of “our pack” wagging.

Planet Dog’s flagship initiative is the Planet Dog Foundation. Since 2012, PDF has donated more than $800,000 in cash and product donations. Our internal mantra of “think globally, act doggedly,” keeps us focused on the higher cause of why we entered this industry…wagging, drooling, sniffing, snuggling, howling, romping dogs. Every purchase you make of Planet Dog products helps support canine service programs. How? Through our unique grant-giving and product donation programs”.

For our full range of indestructible Planet Dog toys including the Orbee Tuff Planet Ball, Raspberry for terriers and smaller dogs and the eye catching, cheerful Woof and Fetch balls to encourage play with your dog please click here.



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