Christmas Comes Early… or late?

I know, we just had some lovely warm spring sunshine (did anyone else find that your normal dog walks were somewhat over populated?! We had to turn around and find somewhere else to go as the queues to get to our normal place was 30 cars deep!) but… here I am talking about Christmas.

When I was a little girl I thought what many kids do – wouldn’t it be great if every day was Christmas. But then when you grow up you realise how that probably wouldn’t be so fun, it would become meaningless, the food would be repetitive and seriously, who could face the tidying and wrapping of presents 365 days a year?! But for our anipals would it be so bad? Would a dog or bunny treated as if it was Christmas every day really not enjoy it?IMG_0663I love to spoil Albie, Kizzie, Libby & Chuzzlewit. If I can make them feel like it is Christmas every day then that’s what I am going to do. I ordered their food during the week, and of course snuck a few extras in knowing that they already have lots of toys but equally knowing how much fun they will have with some new ones!


How does this connect to Barks & Bunnies and giving you an inside view into how things are going at the moment? Well put simply we want to help you make your dogs & bunnies feel like Christmas has come again! As a small company there are limitations about who will trade with us, many large companies either won’t work with us because we are online based or we are too small a concern for them. That doesn’t bother me, it opens us up to a different world of products where we can find things that perhaps aren’t the normal things you see everywhere. So every day of every week you will always find me sat on the computer searching around, sometimes for hours, sometimes just minutes, trying to find things to bring Christmas round again.

It isn’t about buying them lots of things, nor is it about spending a lot of money, it’s about that moment of sheer happiness, total delight in the gift of something new and then? Well the best bit of all…. getting to play and interact with their human owners. Buy your dog a new tug toy and they get not just a toy but your undivided attention! Buy your bunny a treat ball and you are sure to be scurrying around on the floor with them helping point out the treats that come out and pulling it back out from whatever furniture they manage to lose it under!

IMG_20140318_160038So please, if there are things you like, tell us about them! We are not ‘most companies’. Barks & Bunnies is different, I started the company with my husband Leigh simply to bring happiness and safety to as many dogs and bunnies as possible. So perhaps my wish when I was a little girl for it to be christmas every day has actually come true…. because when I box up an order I get to give a dog or bunny a present, and I might not get to meet all of them, or even see pictures of them but I know that I (with Albies help!) have packed a box with things to bring a little Christmas spirit, even if it is March!

The picture? It’s Albie helping to choose some toys to send, why would I pick them when I know he can do a much better job?!

Please do come and find us on FB or Twitter, we would love to see you there.




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