Tunnel Vision

Most people say its not a great idea to have Tunnel Vision, that you miss out on opportunities and new ideas because you are so focused on your own goal. Generally I agree with that. But what happens if things around you upset/annoy/frustrate you?


I think sometimes a little tunnel vision is a good thing. Occasionally ignorance really can be bliss! Yes we need to make sure our eyes are open and aware of what is happening to make sure that we can keep working with all of you and your anipals but having had a little confidence wobble this week we need to remind ourselves of who we are and what we are about.

We have incredibly strong principles and morals and only ever do what we think is right and fair. We also know exactly what we want to achieve with our business and why we do what we do. We strive to bring you products that are new, or perhaps even ones you have seen before but we try to make them something special. We want your shopping experience to start from the very moment you hear our company name and to last all the way to the unique packaging that arrives on your doorstep and then the months after while you use what we sent… We care about your dogs and bunnies and be it with our training guides, packaging or product choices everything is to bring an honest shopping experience and to get your dogs tail wagging or your bunny binkying. So what does it matter what other people around us do? even if others in the industry use us as their inspiration to develop their own business, or if someone else comes up with an idea we wish we had – tunnel vision. We are very confident we are on the right track, we will always work with you all to try and bring you what you want and need while always trying to put our own individual unique stamp on it.


Lessons learnt? embrace a little tunnel vision every so often, we will keep developing the business and no-one in the industry will be able to keep up as we walk forwards together on this journey with all of our wonderful customers and most importantly with your anipals.

Onwards and upwards with integrity, honesty but most of all with fun and cheer to bring to your dogs, bunnies and you.



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