Valentines Competition

We recently held a Valentines Competition with our friends at Gor Pets. We asked people to tell us why they love their dogs and bunnies and one person from each category was selected to win a £20 hamper. We couldn’t choose the winners ourselves in the end because we loved so many of them… but we found a few friends who managed to do a great job of picking the winners….

The two Winners:

Danielle Sweetness Eskdale First off my rabbit Bunny and me have a great little friendship. He’s more like a dog than a rabbit and when I broke up with my abusive ex, my dad and I went on a rescue mission to steal him back as I knew he wouldnt get looked after properly. The mission was successful and now instead of a hutch he has his own bedroom in my house with all the hay he can eat, all the toys he needs and a house to run around when our dog is sleeping!


Chantel Thetford Why i love my Irish setter Max so much: Max is a 13yro irish setter we got him on the 23rd of december 2000, he was 5 and a half months old an all legs and ears He was so playful and such a clever happy puppy he loved everything, When he went for the snip he has to stay in and i was only 10 at the time and i stayed awake all night because he bled and i was worried we would lose him, he was fine though and came home the next day and had lots of cuddles, as he grew up he was a very clever boy learning most commands quite fast, the only thing he struggled with was recall, because he got so excited. When we moved home when he was 4 and half he struggled with coughing fits but the vet at the time said he was getting over excited, it wasntuntill he was hit by a car and they did all sorts of test and found he had a very bad heart murmur, the car accident wasnt bad the car had moslt stopped but he ripped his leg open a little, he came home the same day all doped up and looking sorry forhimself, when he was better we went back to the vet about his heart, they said if we put him on medication right away there might be a chance he would live till 6 years old, we were devastated he was my best friend, id know him since i was 10 and he helped me through my parents breaking up. when he got to 6 he was as active as ever and went for a normal check up and the vet was astonished how healthy he was and said whatever you are doing keep doing it. So we did, we monitored how we fed him and his walks, he would go on a hike once a week. 3 yrs ago he came of his meds because they were discontinued and the vet gave him 6 months, then 2 yrs ago i went through an awful personal crisis and Max kept me goin, he is everything to me, last year was a horrible and very hard year for MAx his heart started playing up and he can no longer go on hikes, he lost lots of weight and we really thought we were going to lose him, i researched everything, and decided with vets advice to try one last thing, a rice based diet, he gets fed one cup of cooked rice with veg and doggy kibble a day with lots of old man supplements. and he is doing better than ever he is acting like a puppy again. He has finally learnt recall lol, and enjoys the company of his new best friend Punk his 2 yro kitty brother. I can honestly say Max isnt my pet he is my guardian angel and he has helped me through so much i did everything i could to repay him and it has payed off, he is a happy old man and is my best friend in the whole world im grateful for everyday we have had him, and he is just as happy to have us.


The runners up;

Emily Wallis I love my beautiful bunny Jasper because he’s always there for a cuddle when you need him. He’s absolutely batty and runs around at 500mph (approx) when he’s happy and hyper. His favourite place is the kitchen cause he’s not allowed in there so you always hear little paws sneaking in. He rounds up his family if my boyfriends in another room he’ll go find him and sit with him. He’s trained to sit on the sofa with you and he likes to sit on your head. As that’s blatantly the comfiest place on the sofa! He’s spoilt rotten but I’m the one who’s spoilt as I’m so lucky to have him. Lovely Jasper baby. X

Paula Tancock I love my Billy the bunny! He is like a naughty child! He is also a wannabe dog:) He follows me around the house and garden ! And he loves lots of strokes and attention! If he doesn’t get it, he chucks his jingle ball about his cage he is so special to me, and makes me so happy This was the picture that was on Internet, which made me want him:)

Loretta An-Willow Salisbury Why i love my dog willow – Willow is my rock and my everything . From the moment I started feeling poorly and needed many major surgeries (5yrs ago) but there were complications of which I will have for the rest of my life .Willow would glue herself to my side and watch over me ,and not let me out of her sight . willow now spends her days glued to my side and making sure I’m ok everywhere I go she’s always there right next to me.

Every time I come home from the hospital she would be waiting for me by the door so she could climb into bed with me and snuggle up and help take my mind off the pain.I also now suffer with hearing problems ie cant hear cars, the door , phone etc. and Willow has taken it upon herself to help me, she lets me know if the phone rings if someones at the door and if I’m out walking her and I don’t hear a car coming when we are crossing she will pull back on her lead or she nudges my leg, I don’t know how she does it she has never been trained to do the things she does she’s my guardian angel .
There has been a few times during all this way I’ve felt so down and fed up and not wanted to see or speak to anyone but Willow made me see realise I couldn’t let my health issues ruin my life, she just sits there and listens to me moan and she never once complaines.
I owe everything to willow Dogs are the best medicine ever

Jenette Morrell Meet Jessy. We all adore her although she has only been in the family six weeks. She is eight year old rescue dog on the way to be “put down” by her previous owner! We made eye contact from 50 yds and we were in love. Poor little girl was in a draughty wire cage with no protection fron the elements. The surrounding cages all had barking and howling Staffs Alsatians etc, A week later she was recovering well from surgery on her teeth and gums and had settled cautiously in. She has learned to play a little but finds play confusing she thinks she will get hurt. She has adopted one of my best sweaters as her only possession so far, I gave it willingly. Jessy is so happy to be warm and fed she gives us all loving and licks. She even gave our house rabbit Murphy a kiss on the nose this morning, much to Murphy’s surprise!


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