Chewing Gum

Its taken a while to think of a title for this. It would be fair to say that Barks & Bunnies feels different to us at the moment. We feel like it has changed. The core principles are the same and always will be but we feel that perhaps there is a bit more of a buzz about us? Whether it is Christmas Fever taking hold of us or actually happening we don’t quite know but we do know that we are receiving some lovely feedback from customers and those in industries where we are exploring for help or product advice etc.

Two problems to overcome…

First up – do you remember our Fairground ride blog where I said a divorce might be on the cards if we didn’t learn when to stop?! Well we seem to have slipped back again… every evening is spent doing something and the weekends are full of chat about it all etc – time to remind ourselves that we are a marriage as well as a business and we must make time to enjoy our lives together with each other and our anipals – we are here for such a short time and its all so precious. So we think maybe we set aside one day of the week when work in the evening is banned? No twitter, no facebook, nothing at all…. ?? We just need to strike a balance between making Barks & Bunnies what we would love it to be and making our marriage what we would love it to be! The problem is we are both perfectionists and both impatient so we aren’t very good at putting things down and stopping! But we LOVE what we are doing, and we love chatting with you all and seeing your pictures and sending your orders, it makes us feel like we have a purpose, it is completely up to us to just make sure to strike a good healthy balance.

Still Happily Married!

Second one – I was speaking with someone on the phone the other day who had looked at our website ( and said we are “obviously more of a going concern than she thought”. She had looked at our website and I guess we came across as a professional well established company. On the one hand this is fantastic for us and makes the hours of not having a marriage (!) almost worth it (!) but on the other hand it works against us a little. The more professional and established an image we portray the more people will think we don’t need their help. All small start ups like ours need help at the start, companies can’t grow or sustain themselves without great feedback and without people telling their friends about us. So this is a completely open plea to you all – please do tell your friends about us, tell them why you like us, we don’t want to take over the world but we do want to be able to make Barks & Bunnies a success so that we can continue to follow the lives of our customers with their pets, because that is why we do this.

Why the chewing gum title? Because if we are in a state of flux this could ping either way! the gum could shrink back or it could continue to stretch (we wont think about the fact gum eventually breaks apart if stretched too far! perhaps not such a great analogy after all LOL)


(Can anyone tell us why the Back to future picture? What is the connection?…. )

A big thank you to everyone, we appreciate you all and if anyone reading this would like to send us a blog about your own pets, a funny story, an adventure you have had together, something amazing they did, please just let us know. You can reach us anytime on


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