The art of layering

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We regularly get inquiries about layering our products. Just as you would layer your personal fleece and an insulated jacket, our dog gear is designed to do the same – work together as one system in order to extend your adventures whether the conditions outside are warm, cold, wet or snowy.

Here are just a few suggestions for layering options with Ruffwear gear based on the conditions you are heading out in.

Activities in Cold to Frigid conditions – Climate Changer + Quinzee

CCandQ copyThe Climate Changer serves as an excellent go-to fleece base layer for cold days. As the sun starts to set or the clouds roll in and the temperature plummets, slip the Quinzee insulated puffy jacket over the Climate Changer for added retention of core body heat. This is the perfect ski-touring or snowshoe set up for your dog. Keep the Climate Changer on while on the go…

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