Everything happens for a Reason

Things have changed here at Barks & Bunnies. Notice how the leaves are turning and almost gone? Winter is on its way. The nights are darker and colder, no more long, hot, summers evenings sat outside enjoying a glass of wine, replaced instead with a warming scotch & coke while sat beside the fire!

Well as the seasons change and the world moves on so have we.  When we launched the business in September 2013 it was with 5 flavours of handmade dog treats. When we launched we knew the giftboxes wouldn’t be far behind, it was just a question of time. We had to source the items and decide on names (hours of conversations where a sudden moment of inspiration suddenly takes you while driving down the M25 making you wonder why on earth you never thought of it in the first place!).

Now what my husband didn’t know was that in the back of my mind I had a hope that one day we would expand to offer great products for dogs and rabbits that we use ourselves and that we know are reliable, durable and come from companies with ethics that give us confidence.

What I didn’t quite expect was that one afternoon Leigh was going to turn to me and suggest an expansion into stocking Ruffwear because that is where the snowball grew!

As we were ordering Kizzie’s first lifejacket for our Autumn holiday he suggested that we stock Ruffwear as it is a brand we have known and trusted for many years and a product we would have confidence selling to the Barks & Bunnies family.


So that was it. In the space of a few seconds we grew from Handmade Dog Treats and Gift Boxes to stocking a wider variety of goods for Dogs & Rabbits which with the amazing support we are receiving from everyone will no doubt expand again. Every sale, FB Share or tweet that generates new business gives us that extra confidence (and finances!) to be able to do more.

So for now it is Treats, Gift boxes and Ruffwear but watch this space everyone because before Christmas is here we will have an even bigger variety and we can’t wait to share it with you.


For the New Year who knows what will happen, but I do just want to take a second to say to everyone that if you have a dream, make it happen. Yes it is scary, and yes it can be risky, we have taken several huge risks in the last couple of years to get us to this stage but whats life without living it?

If you don’t have a dream, that’s fine, it took me years to work mine out. When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer, mostly because I am very good at arguing (as the MD of a company I used to work for found out). But life didn’t lead me down that path and for many years I was left floundering, not knowing what to do. And funny enough if it weren’t for one of the most upsetting and awful times that I experienced in an office I wouldn’t be here now. That old saying of everything happens for a reason, I believed it then and I believe it now.

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