Supporting Oldies Club Dog Charity

We chose to support Oldies Club through sales of our Winter Walks Dog Treats this Christmas, we love what they do, finding a home for an older dog in their retirement years is such a wonderful gift. So please do take a look at our page and buy a bag, we are donating 10% profit from every sale to their Vet Fund so you get to donate to a great cause and at the same time your dog’s will get a tasty treat!

Oldies Club

My name is Billy and I am nearly 12 years old.  Im a Staffie x Shar-Pei and I needed to find a new home after my owner became too ill to look after me. I spent a number of months in kennels before a rescue place with Oldies Club was found for me. BillyCrufts

I now have a lovely new home (my fosterer ‘failed’ and ended up adopting me) and enjoy life. I attend events to help publicise Oldies Club and also how fabulous Staffie crosses can be.

Here I am at Crufts with a number of other Oldies Club dogs. crufts

I am a real big softie and love nothing more than having belly rubs. billysoft

I also enjoy walks with my friends. I especially love the beach.


Well that’s enough about me.

Im here to tell you all about the wonderful rescue that took me on and found me a new loving home.

Oldies Club is a dog rescue, run solely by volunteers, that specialises in rescuing and rehoming older dogs – aged 7 years plus.

Oldies Club first came into existence in the Spring of 2005, and in March 2007 the rescue  proudly became Registered Charity number 1118246.

Oldies Club does not have kennels or a central base as, rather than placing dogs in kennels, they prefer to care for them in a normal home environment. They therefore use foster homes.

Dogs come into Oldies Club care from a variety of situations, many of them very urgent as the oldie has nowhere else to go and is therefore at risk. Dogs often come to the rescue because their elderly owner has had to go into sheltered accommodation where dogs are not allowed. Sometimes the dog’s owner has died and there is no-one that can take care of their beloved dog, and sometimes the owner’s circumstances have changed and the owner simply can no longer give their dog the care it needs.

Oldies make great pets for many reasons:-

  • Older dogs can be quiet, undemanding companions
  • Older dogs can still adapt to a new family, lifestyle etc
  • Older dogs often need less exercise, training & stimulation than younger ones.
  • Older dogs are great for people who may not be able to make a 15+ year commitment a younger dog would need

Sometimes Oldies Club takes in dogs who, because of the physical or emotional damage they have suffered, or due to terminal illness, cannot be rehomed. In these cases, which have sadly become more frequent, they endeavour to provide long-term foster placements with experienced carers who will ensure these oldies know a loving, secure home for their final years. These long term fosters are known as sponsor dogs.

To find out more about Oldies Club and the lovely dogs awaiting sponsorship or their forever homes please visit


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