Products to relieve Stress in Pets

Barks & Bunnies are delighted to now be stocking Pet Remedy, It is a wonderful natural product suitable for every situation which might cause your pet stress and is suitable for all mammals and birds including dogs & rabbits. Whether it is the stresses of firework season, stormy weather, visiting the vets or even moving house. It even benefits humans too! Pet Remedy Firework 2

We have Special Offers running until Midnight October 27th 2013 to help your pets through the imminent loud bangs and flashes from your neighbours firework displays!  CLICK HERE FOR SPECIAL OFFERS. The advice from Pet Remedy is to plug the diffusers in one week in advance to achieve the full benefit and then sprays can be used additionally as detailed below. So don’t wait – buy yours now!

Pet Remedy has made a huge impact in the pet world with its natural de-stress, calming plug-in diffusers and sprays, since launching just 3 years ago.  This was as a result of successful trials over two years with several Vets, Veterinary Nurses and RSPCA Rescue Centres.

So how does it work? Pet Remedy is made up of a special blend of valerian , vetivert, basil, and sage, and works via the GABA pathway. This means when a pet is stressed or anxious and  the nerve cells are ‘fired up’ by adrenaline, the actives in Pet Remedy trick the fired up nerve cell into thinking it is receiving a calming message (GABA) from the brain.

Pet Remedy helps keep your pets calm just like Kizzie our Golden Retriever in this photo! IMG_6283

One of the reasons Pet Remedy works so well is that it is low dosage and constant slow release so this is very kind and gentle on the metabolism and easy for the body to adapt to.

Pet Remedy is also available as a spray for localised and immediate use, so spray on bedding, bandana, in car; or when out walking an anxious dog, simply spray on your trouser leg and bring the dog to heel.

The spray is a water based PH neutral formulation and is safe on skin and coat, so you can rub a little on the pet’s muzzle and chest or under chin.

Pet Remedy is now clinically proven to work by Exeter University (Psychology Department – Animal Behaviour Department)! Who completed a clinical study a few weeks ago on 28 stressed dogs and found Pet Remedy had a positive influence in relaxing the dogs.

There are lots of reviews and comments on the Pet Remedy Facebook page and you can also visit their website for further information.


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