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are delighted to have the wonderful Viovet Team writing a blog for us all about Autumn and your pets. Viovet are without doubt one of the most friendly, helpful companies out there (along with us of course!). On numerous occasions we have urgently needed supplies to help our pets through various injuries or ailments and Viovet have always been on hand to help, nothing is to be too much trouble. So please do have a read of their Blog below, it is packed with tips and great products for you and your pets. Don’t forget to visit us too for Handmade Dog Treats and a range of Gift Boxes for dog’s and rabbits.

Autumn leaves

Knowing that we can safely recommend shopping with Viovet (based on years of our own personal experiences), we have a discount code that we would like to share with you for shopping with Viovet. Simply enter ‘VRCT43776’ at the checkout and if it is your first order with them you will receive £3 off your shop.

Now over to Richard from Viovet themselves!


Autumn is a wonderful time for pets, isn’t it?
All day I’ve been thinking of all the benefits of what makes this season special for pets and their owners;

1. Dogs love leafy country walks.
2. The weather has cooled down = good news for dogs, cats, rabbits

3. As the weather gets colder families start having Sunday roasts again which means leftovers for lucky cats and dogs!


But are pet owners prepared for autumn?
It’s not as if we don’t know it is coming – Autumn has been around for ages, it isn’t a new season!
Reflective clothing, collars and leads are important safety items for dog walkers and horse riders. Without these you (and your pets) are invisible to drivers. We know how fast and dangerous inconsiderate road users can be,  so give yourself  the best chance possible of avoiding a collision.

Muddy walks are great fun and some dogs absolutely love getting dirty!
Don’t get caught on a walk without tissues or a cloth to wipe muddy paws especially if you want to maintain a clean car. Remember to bring a rug because it’s easier to clean a rug than upholstery. Actually you might want to invest in a pet-hair-filter-bag so that when you wash your pets’ bedding/clothing the hairs don’t clog-up your washing machine!

Albie Muddy

In the previous season many of our pets will have benefited from BBQs but not from Sunday summer salads!  Autumn weather means Sunday roasts and if meat is on the menu cats and dogs will hope to get lucky!

One word of warning : If string is wrapped around meat during roasting make sure your pets have no chance of eating it! Soaked in meat juices cats and dogs will be eager to consume this potentially lethal throat sticking string! Take extra caution that they can’t access this string on worktops and bins!

If you have hutches and runs then now is the time to be preparing them for cold and future freezing weather. Make sure you have weatherproof covers and warm insulated blankets etc at the ready. Don’t wait until Jack Frost turns up before you make sure your bunnies are happy.

The downside of Autumn:
Did you know that Autumn is the peak time of the year for fleas?
There will be a surge of eggs hatching once the central heating kicks in, so don’t even think about ignoring these bloodthirsty parasites! It is vital that you continue to use monthly spot-ons to protect your pets.

Of course fireworks will be worrying pets and wildlife often from mid Oct. Many dogs hate the loud bangs so please consider some options. Ask neighbours if they are planning any displays and make sure your pets are all safe inside.  Dogs in particular will sense your anxiety so if you are worried then they will pick up on this. The calmer you are the more reassured they will be.

Distraction is a good tool. Pull the curtains, play some loud music and give them a special treat like a bone to keep them occupied during displays.
For more advice on pets and fireworks:!_How_will_your_pets_cope

Please don’t forget about wildlife in Autumn. Whenever you have a bonfire please move it before lighting it. Hedgehogs will seek warmth within piles of boxes ,wood, etc. Make several small piles then put them together ahead of lighting to give our hedgehogs a chance.

Finally, enjoy Autumn with your animals, plan for the season and most of all be safe 🙂

Written by Richard Jordan from

Facebook –

richard jordan


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