Girl Meets Wolf

There’s nothing quite like Autumn in Wales, early morning mist covers the valley below my village, turning the rising sun into a flame of reds and yellows slowing appearing over the tops of the mountains. This is probably a standard scene, on mountainsides the valleys over, but mine in particular is a little special I feel. Mostly because very few others will have a wolf bounding out of the mist like a BBC documentary.

Okay, so he’s not a wolf per say. But he’s pretty darn close for a domesticated animal. Bear is a Northern Inuit, and my best friend. He’s the first dog I’ve ever owned, roughly the same size and weight as me, a lover of pizza and chips and rather too independently minded for my sanity. But then they do say like dog, like owner, right?


Bear also has a fondness for shedding fur, carpet, duvets, buttons off cardigans, shoe insoles, couches, books and, one never to be forgotten time, my red telephone. Separation anxiety is a big issue, but thankfully easy to fix with the help of a cat. No seriously, they love each other. In the dead of winter you can find me shivering under a blanket at one end of the sofa and the cat curled up with the wolf on the other. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done for the shedding.

Reactions to a small woman wandering around with a wolf are mixed. Burly men walking teacup dogs tend to cross the street to avoid us, despite the fact they are, more often than not, heads and shoulders taller than me and twice as wide. The local kids all adore him, and will beeline for us as soon as we’re spotted leaving the house. Bear, attention seeker that he is, accepts it as his due and will sit on feet in order to get them stroking him longer.

For the burglars that attempted to break in to the house a few years ago, it was probably something of a shock. Levering my back door of its hinges was undoubtedly hard work, despite the racket it must have made as it fell to the floor inside my store room, and I’m sure they felt cheated after all that puffing and sweating. Being met by a very large wolf-like dog that barked at them (and probably chased them out of the garden) when they tried to enter was probably not high up in their expectations, but they at least had the sense to close the garden gate after themselves and haven’t made another attempt since.


For me, he’s a comfort. My foot warmer wherever I sit, a cuddle whenever I want one, a shadow as I fritter from room to room, and the perfect companion whenever I want to go wander the hills. Now if only moulting season would hurry up and be over with, because I’m drowning in fur.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Tors for being a Guest Blogger, if you would like to follow her own Blog you can find it here

Imagery is courtesy of Joanne Burgess

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