Through the Lens

Well you will all be relieved to know after our recent Fairground blog that we are successfully managing to control our time a little better leaving us with the odd hour (or two) to actually enjoy spending some time together even if it is just walking around the supermarket!

So what have we been up to? Well…. Leigh has had a great week. I like to class him as an amateur photographer, he has had lots of compliments about his skills and even done a few photo shoots but finally he has managed to get the next bit of ‘dream’ kit…. he now has proper studio lights!

New Studio Lights

So what shall we do with these new lights? Redo all the product photos for our delicious Handmade Dog Treats of course!

Time For Bed – Banana, Honey & Cinnamon

Take A Bow – Cheese & Cranberry

Hide & Seek – Marmite & Herb

Handmade Dog Treats - Hide & Seek

Roll Over – Peanut Butter & Apple

High Five – Sweet Potato & Pea

Handmade Dog Treats High Five

Kizzie and Albie got a little bored in the end, they didn’t get to eat any of the treats and we were busy scurrying around, so for them playing was a much better idea!

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