The Fairground Ride

Have you ever been to a Fairground? Full of buzz aren’t they.

Bright lights, ringing bells and loud sounds as music plays from every ride and stall, while the aroma of sugary sweet foods like Candyfloss and popcorn infiltrates your every sense. Every inch of the floor is covered with footprints from the people you see playing Hoopla, queuing for rides or chatting with friends. You can hear screams as the Bumper cars slam into each other, or as rides plunge to the ground sinking so fast you cant believe they will stop in time or that your stomach will be able to catch you up! A place filled with excitement, the promise of a great family day out or a new found romance with a partner on a first date and perhaps if you are lucky….. even a teddy bear won! That’s the glass half full.

Merry Go Round at Brighton Pier

Were the glass were half empty you could say that its not full of any excitement, just noisy, lights that are too bright always flashing in your eyes and hours stood still waiting to get onto a ride that lasts for a minute.

Mist & Cold at Brighton Pier - A Long Day Out!

Even if you do have a good time aren’t there some rides that you just wish you could get off? It moves too fast, whirls round too quickly, and makes your head spin leaving you dizzy and disorientated. But of course you cant get off, you are on something that is moving and there is nothing you can do to stop it, you just have to wait for the ride to finish so you and your exhausted body can make it back to solid land.

Now we love running Barks & Bunnies don’t get me wrong. We haven’t even been established for more than a month, we are bursting with ideas, plans and have a list of things to do that would rival the queue at any amusement arcade found at the end of Brighton Pier (we love Brighton, the pier holds many special memories for us). But this last week has been a ride we wanted to stop.

Everything spinning so quickly we simply couldn’t keep up. We wanted to get off and have a break before we were sick but just like those scary rides that you are strapped into, we couldn’t. All we could do was wait and deal with every twist and turn that came our way as best we could. That’s not to say that some brilliant things haven’t happened because they have, we have made some amazing progress and are so proud of ourselves but we must learn where our capacity reaches its limit and make sure that we take the time to be the ridiculously (some say sickeningly!) happily married couple that we are!

Still Happily Married!

We are launching at least 3 new products before Christmas (yes this means we have to design new webpages, labels, graphics, marketing, everything! Form an orderly queue, the ride will open soon!). In fact we have just this week managed to release the first – the Barks & Bunnies Binky Box. A gift box designed specifically for rabbits, packed full of tasty edibles that we are sure they will love (and it is even suitable for Guinea Pigs too!).

Barks & Bunnies Binky Box - A Gift Box for Rabbits Available to purchase from

So before we step back onto those rides we are going to be a little more selective and rather than try to get on everything in one go we will pace ourselves for the sake of our sanity and the quality of the business. We won’t be able to help any animals if we don’t have time to promote good causes and we wont be able to bake any biscuits if we don’t have time to let them cook properly! We will still do everything we want to achieve but maybe we will go and get some R&R between each ride!

And now for our regular challenge of linking dogs and rabbits to our business theme….

Fairgrounds and dogs is actually quite an easy association. Imagine taking your dog somewhere with all those bright lights and people screaming. They wouldn’t have a clue what was going on, dogs don’t know that it is a fairground and a place that humans associate with fun, there is every probability your dog would be terrified. In fact probably the only time they hear people screaming is in the privacy of your home when there is an argument! Not exactly a positive association!

Keep your dog safe & secure

With Firework season just around the corner it is the same thing. Dogs don’t know that fireworks won’t hurt them, they just hear the bangs and feel the vibrations often creating a sense of fear in them. This leads us to make the point that if your dog is scared by fireworks, loud noises or a place like a fairground there are several things you can do. Firstly comforting your dog is NOT going to reinforce their fear. It WILL however make them feel safe.

Some products below are available to help try and relieve stress but it may also be worth considering approaching a fully qualified bhaviourist, one can be found via the APBC. They have a full Code of Conduct and their members undergo rigorous qualifications. Rather worryingly anybody can actually call themselves a dog behaviorist, myself typing this, you reading this, we could be behaviorists so please make sure you use someone that doesn’t base their approach on anything other than fact and contact the APBC. 

Music to Calm your Dog

Rabbits and Fairgrounds? Imagine before we built all our homes, roads and took great expanses of land to build these amusement parks. We find them hugely entertaining and they fulfill hours of boredom for us but for wild rabbits all we have done is taken away their home. The grass that they used to lie on and sunbathe on in Summer. The fields they used to dig and build their intricate warrens.

Rabbits need space. A lot of it! If you have a pet rabbit (which many people in the UK do as the nations 3rd most favourite pet) then please take a second to check how much space your bunny has. Any hutch should be high enough that your rabbit can stand up and fully extend his back legs – for our bunnies we need a hutch 3-4ft tall to allow them to do that. They should also be able to lie down and fully extend themselves. But it doesn’t stop there. In the wild it is thought that rabbits travel approximately 3 miles a day – for such a small animal that’s a lot!

Our very much missed bunny Duke exploring in the safety of our house.

Your rabbits home should be as big a space as you can possibly give them. If they must be confined to a hutch then they should each day be given some time out, to have a roam around your house or in the garden (preferably in an enclosed run keeping them safe from Mr.Fox, we would never endorse rabbits being allowed to free range in the garden even if you rarely see a fox because you can never be certain bunny will be 100% safe). For more details please do contact the RWAF and look at their ‘A Hutch is Not Enough campaign’.

Also please note that Rabbits can too be scared of Fireworks, but there are still products that can be used to help them through such as;

Pet Remedy

So to leave you with something super cute…. This is Kizzie, she wanted to help me write the blog!

My Little Helper


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