A Spiders Web

Well what an incredible few weeks! The business launched, we baked our first orders, cycled to the post office several times to the post office and met some lovely dogs who we will hopefully be seeing again very soon.


Sounds easy doesn’t it?

When we look back over the last fortnightwe can’t help but picture it as a spiders web. Some lines seem to just go round and round in circles, others appear as if the web is broken leading absolutely nowhere and others? Well they go straight to the heart, the centre, like a bullseye.

We have contacted more people in the last fortnight than I think we have probably spoken to in our whole loves put together! From product enquiries for new launches we have planned, to bloggers, journalists and magazine editors – we have contacted them all. And this is where we hit a rather unexpected stumbling block. Few people can actually cater for small, home run startups like us. Some businesses won’t supply to you unless you guarantee to spend thousands with them, others expect you to be able to pay the advertising fee that would be charged to large well known highstreet brands and then there are those who just never respond.

We are so incredibly happy that we have met some lovely wonderful people who have led us straight to the middle, not to where a scary spider is waiting but to the centre of a home and they have welcomed us. As each part of the jigsaw is completed we will be able to share with you who these lovely people are, and they truly have been wonderful.


And to all you, those of you that read our blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter we would like to thank you. Everytime you share a post, comment or ‘like’ it gives us encouragement, it helps us to know that you enjoy reading what we say and gives us the courage that we are going in the right direction. So thank you and please carry on, we see each ‘like’ and all your comments and always do our best to answer everything.

Next time you come across a new business launching, we would encourage you to do what you can to help. Whether its offer advice, give purchasing concessions or even just liking their facebook page and sharing it with your friends. Such a small, simple quick action can change someone else’s day and give them the confidence they so desperately need in what they are doing.


Now for the information bit, it’s not going to be easy to link a spiders web to dogs and rabbits but we like a challenge here at barks & bunnies so here we go….

In the same way that humans build networks of friends and family rabbits like to as well. (The network connection relating to the structure of a spiders web is as close as we could get!).

Rabbits really do prefer to live with another bunny friend, they can get very lonely and bored living on their own. If you have already tried your rabbit living with a friend and it didn’t work due to fights then its possible that the bonding process wasn’t done in a suitable way for that pairing or perhaps they just weren’t meant to be a couple. When we bonded Duke and Libby together they were a real struggle! Duke was a bit of a pest to Libby and so we had to rewrite the rule book on bonding, for us it was a success and worked, and this is the point. Every rabbit is different and will bond with another rabbit differently, its just the same as humans going out on dates, sometimes it’s great and others its time for that convenient emergency phone call! Here is a great article from the PDSA about rabbits and bonding and we throughly recommend you contact your local rescue centre if you need any advice about bonding – they may hopefully even be able to do it for you and we would encourage you to pay a donation to the rescue in thanks.


Duke, Libby, Rabbits

Now it’s taken quite a while for us to be able to think of a connections for dogs to spiders and webs (2 dog walks, a Sainsburys food shop, dinner and (I’m going to say this next bit very quietly… A celebrity big brother final!)) but we think we have it…

Fragile Handle with Care

Whilst a spiders web is made of one of the strongest materials on our beautiful plant it is also fragile, amazingly fragile. It doesn’t take much for the web to break, heavy rain, too strong a gust of wind, an animal or human walking through it means the web is broken in seconds. The spider will most likely come back and start to rebuild it straight away but it will take time, Mr.Spider will have to redo parts he had already done, perhaps rebuild his web from scratch. This made us think about how delicate the dog owner bond is, and how you must treat it with the care of a raw egg you hold in your hand. We aren’t here to discuss the things that can break the bond, there are far more qualified people to do that but we would like to tell you about a fantastic book we read a while ago. It is bursting with lovely personal stories by force free trainer Victoria schade, and advice on things you can do to deepen the relationship and build even more trust into your relationship.


Dog Paw

We only launched the business 2 weeks ago and have debated how long we should wait until we make one point, a point about a particular dog trainer that is a ‘TV Celebrity’ and a household name. Caesar Milan. We do not support his methods at all for many reasons and we will explore these reasons further in another blog soon enough but we want to briefly mention it now because when you think about the spiders web and how fragile it is his methods will not truly rebuild the web. They may appear to but really they will just more than likely mask that fact it was broken, and rebuild something which appears solid but is waiting to crumble at any moment without any real warning.

So we’ve had spiders, dogs and rabbits…. A strange mix and some very loose connections made but hopefully plenty of things to keep you interested?

Do give us a comment below, remember how we started this blog?

3 thoughts on “A Spiders Web

  1. Hello! I blog for mykidhaspaws.org, I myself am growing as a blog and I would love to write a review of your treats if that would help your company, please let me know when I can purchase them. Thanks!

    • Hi, I am so sorry but at the moment our insurance means we can only ship to the UK and Europe, I read your page… if only they had let you and your husband be in Scotland! Lovely place – we holiday there a lot 🙂

      • Thanks for stopping by my blog! Scotland was beautiful, but not meant to be :(. I completely understand, if you ever expand to the US, let me know. I have a Corgi who loves to treat taste!

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