The Business is born

What a journey but we have finally made it!

Welcome to the very first blog from Barks & Bunnies, we hope you will stick around for many many more. We don’t want this blog to be a formal affair, so you can expect lighthearted friendly stories, plenty of adventures and hopefully a wealth of information about our favourite animals – dogs and rabbits!

Albie Barks & Bunnies

When I left my full timePA job I never dreamt I would create such a multi-strand business that Leigh and I could call our own! From a young age I often thought of being my own boss and running a company (like father like daughter!) but never really believed it would happen, it was just one of those pipe dreams. Now we are lucky enough to have an amazing brand designed by a fabulous agency who put up with endless changes and indecision. A website created from many evenings (and nights!) sat by the computer while four eyes watched us intently, waiting, wondering when we would stop typing and start playing ball! and products that we are really proud of as unique recipes created and made by ourselves.

We are so excited about what the future might bring for us but much more importantly what it might bring for all the dogs and rabbits out there; the bunnies living in your house or tucked up in a hutch in your garden, the dogs asleep on your sofa or barking at the postman, it doesn’t matter what breed, colour, personality or size, we love all of them.

We have new products being planned as I type this which will be launching in the next few weeks and we hope to work alongside some incredibly talented people to share advice and knowledge with you all. There is a wealth of information out there and its fair to say it takes a lot of time to get through it all, we will be only too pleased to do some of the work for you leaving you to just sit back and read this while having a cuddle on the sofa with your animals!

If there is a particular topic you would like us to cover or if think you could contribute to our blog please do contact us and we will happily discuss it with you. The more people we can get involved the bigger the knowledge share will be.

Please also remember that we would absolutely love to hear from you with what you and your anipals are getting up to, photos and stories or even videos. Send them directly to us or share them on our FB and Twitter accounts, we will happily share some of them with all our followers. We would love to hear from you whether you are a customer or not, we just want to see and read about the fun your dogs and bunnies are having.

Keep watching us as have some competitions coming up over the next few months and also we are really happy to confirm that one of the products we are about to launch will be raising money for charity.

So please do stay with us, we are a small start up and it’s a lonely world so we need your company (and bring your anipals along too!).

We cant leave without sharing something useful with you so…

The bakery side of our business has allowed us to look into foods that will benefit your dogs but also foods that don’t and here is a great blog article written by Pete the Vet for the Telegraph newspaper. In it he summarises a full report into which foods are poisonous for dogs; from chocolate to raisins and avocado to macademia nuts! Pete’s article is brilliantly clear and easy to read while still packed with information and we would thoroughly recommend you have a quick look.

Unfortunately the article he makes reference to is no longer available but we have found the following document from the charity branch of the BVA (British Veterinary Association) detailing foods to avoid.

You can also see the story of Henry the Labrador after he ate a corn on the cob over on our Facebook page

And for all the bunny lovers out there it only seems fair that we also share a list of things which shouldn’t be fed (the list doesn’t include electrical wires but we all know how much a bunny loves to chomp through them! And wallpaper…. Plaster…. Carpet…. Well anything really!) The list is not complete and we are certain that there is plenty more so if you know of something please pop over to our FB page, drop us a tweet or email to let us know. The article also provides a list of completely safe foods you can feed your bunny, we have printed it and stuck it on our fridge so we always have it to hand and can check to see what we have bought for us that we can share with them.

Duke Sofa

Well that’s it! The first blog is almost over! So I think we should finish it by saying a few thanks… thanks to our families for all their help producing the brand and reviewing the website, to Bobtails rabbit rescue and The Rabbit Crossing for giving us our wonderful bunnies, to Polite Paws for all their help training our terrible two, to Flourish for the gorgeous brand, Kate Mallatratt of Contemplating Canines for all her assistance and ideas, to Victoria for her work getting the biscuit analysis completed, and now a personal note from me (Amy) to the most amazing man ever (well equal to my dad anyway) – thank you Leigh for all your help, without you there is not a chance that we would have made it this far, I will forever love you and can’t wait to build the business together.

Wave bye-bye Kizzie…


Going Green, RWAF

Pete The Vet Telegraph blog

BVA AWF toxic foods PDF


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